Experience Financial Markets Expertise

Being a strategic, technologist, the architect of financial markets and products, and former regulator. You will not find another person that understand blockchain and the benefits from all these perspective that will enable you to develop a blockchain business infrastructure that is future proof.


Designing digital market places

I have material time spent in designing trading, clearing and settlement systems that can be implemented leveraging blockchain technologies. If you require expert independent know-how as to how to transform your existing business into a digital offering, please get in contact with me to discuss how Strategic Intelligence Consulting can help your business.

The right blockchain?

Most businesses will need to understand with independent advice what is the right blockchain strategy for your business.

From blockchain protocol, blockchain partners and vendor stacks the blockchain universe is deep, rich and sometimes overly complicated.


Add to that the need in cases of investment products arises a need to vet for qualities that enhance KYC, AML, CFTC compliance and beyond. The regulatory minefield is wide and mind-boggling for those that wish to leverage blockchain as an asset store


[CEO, CTO, CIO, COO] - Seeking to develop a blockchain-based digital strategy would benefit from an initial 30-minute conversation to explore with no commitment to the scope of support needed.

What you would learn from engaging with me over a longer-term:

  1. Value and operational best practice of when to use blockchain and how this should integrate with existing business processes
  2. The regulatory constraints that should be balanced with the benefits of utilising blockchain
  3. The effective go to market strategies for launching a successful market place and platform
  4. How I can help you develop a strategy that gets your business to a critical mass where the economics makes sense.