Strategic Intelligence Consulting provides consulting services that specifically support Hong Kong SME's to leverage available Hong Kong SAR available funding provided by the Trade and Industry Department.

We partner with our SMEs and support the enhancement of market services, branding initiatives and corporate website (re)building via our marketing and lead generation arm at Rankjitsu.

A suit of services to enhance the business lead generation and digitisation of your customer enrollment strategies is available.


Contact us to receive a free consultation on available services and for guidance for accessible funding channels for SMEs in Hong Kong via these programs:


Our expertise can provide your business with innovative solutions to branding, corporate web development, videography and copywriting that supports and positions your business as the market leader and specialist in your field. We go beyond just developing the technologies and develop the entire customer enrollment strategy for your business and building your core values and mission that resonates with your target customer base. Due to our international background, Strategic Intelligence Consulting is superior at connecting with USA and European B2B customers that require access to Asia, China, ASEAN via your SME.


Contact us to learn more about services we can support you with respect to international business growth and also guidance on funding options that can total over $6m HKD in available grants and funding routes for SMEs in Hong Kong.