Building a sustainable financial future by supporting corporates with ESG strategies.


Fundings, restructuring, cloud/digital operations, cybersecurity


Helping SMEs transform business cultures and embrace technology.


I developing business frameworks and architect the technology stack to launch green field business models


I develop the blockchain strategies for companies using private and/or public blockchains for enteprises.


Tokenisation of assets, connecting the analogue world to the digital era. Building infrastructure for the future.


I help large cooperates identify and execute their machine learning strategies. Text NLP (English/Chinese) , unstructured data classification, and trading technologies.


Expert marketplace builder covering multiple industries: finance, e-commerce and supply chain. Builder and launch strategist.


I help business remediate compliance and control issues, structure license applications and create governance and risk management frameworks.


Strong track record as spearheading Strategy and Operations building out distribution for equities brokerage business in APAC and building next-generation digital distribution marketplace for private asset investment [incubated business within CLSA]. Deep market development experience across buy-side (Liquidnet), sell-side (UBS / CLSA). I am a strong negotiator, business pioneer and leader who has succeeded in developing businesses from grassroots in APAC (~$21m USD revenues after ~4 years). I have helped establish Liquidnet as a greenfield business in APAC where I was a director and responsible officer (SFC licensed type 1 & 7 ATS in Hong Kong).

I have deep know-how in digital innovation (machine learning and blockchain) and emerging trends such as ESG investing.

Work with me as an Adviser or Strategy Consultant:

Business development and revenue strategy mapping.
Corporate strategy, business change and M&A.
Business transformation and corporate strategy.
Track record of bringing greenfield ideas and innovations to financial markets.

Notable Achievements
- Architected the first major Dark Pool in the major emerging markets with significant global reach with over $10.5B USD in Daily Liquidity and part of a business that oversaw $15 trillion+ USD AUM impacted
- Established Liquidnet as the #1 Alternative Trading Venue across Asia.
- Part of a team that was recognised as the 5th Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc 500
- Collaborated to setup SFC Market Intelligence Programme
- Represented SFC at IOSCO (C4 Enforcement)

Sector experience: capital markets, technology, e-commerce, supply chain, global trade, and china.

Core Competencies: Fundraising, capital markets and market structure, business strategy and restructuring, business globalisation regulation, compliance, crime and fraud investigations.

Career Networks: Venture funds, private equity, custodian banks, regulators, capital markets brokers, investment banks. 

Types of services offered, (not exhaustive list):

  • Asia Market development
  • Securities regulation, licensing and market entry
  • Compliance, risk and governance setup
  • Regulatory compliant (Finance and manufacturing)
  • Leadership team development
  • Leadership team rebuild/reorganise
  • Aligning Senior executives and strategy shift
  • Developing change transformation strategies and going digital
  • Business scaling and regulatory strategies
  • Developing innovation culture in innovation lacking or stagnant businesses
  • Post-acquisition integration of senior management
  • Restructuring of investment management companies, operations outsourcing and applied technological innovation.
  • Outsourced CIO / CTO / COO
  • Machine learning for corporates
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to enterprises and SMEs
  • Business model transformation (SMEs)
  • Resolving internal morale and culture issues post-management take over
  • Resolving senior management conflicts so all parties WIN (and avoid getting fired!)
  • ESG sustainable investing
  • Sustainability reporting for corporates
  • Sustainability branding/ rebranding
  • Branding, advertising and marketing strategies
  • Digital transformation of SMEs
  • Business development and lead generation for SAAS companies
  • Marketing and landing page services (Global customer enrolment)
  • Animation and multimedia customer engagement and/or lead generation
  • Startup mentoring
  • Though leadership writing
  • Fundraising introductions for start-up (Wealth tech, insure tech, fintech, regtech, health tech, automation, robotics, tokenisation, digital)
  • Regulatory strategies for Fintechs